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Catch the SNUBA Craze
A Genius Combination between SCUBA Diving and Snorkeling

snuba on Catalina

Come experience the Pure Magic of this adventure, the ideal Evolution between Snorkeling and SCUBA.


You will be able to plunge beneath the surface without the cumbersome gear and extensive training required to SCUBA dive.


Our Friendly and Professional Guides will take you beneath to surface where you will be able to see the Wonders of the Underwater World. SNUBA Diving is done in the first 30 feet below the surface where most of the marine life is found.


•   After a 15-minute orientation, your guide will                         accompany you on an Underwater Tour that is                     safe, easy, and enjoyed at your own level of comfort.
•   Ages 8 and older are able to descend to a maximum           depth of 20 feet.
•   All your gear is included, and the experience takes             no more than 90 minutes. 
•   All you need to bring is a swimsuit, towel, and a Sense       of Adventure! After the dive, enjoy the fun and                     relaxed atmosphere on Catalina Island.
•   Available daily from July to August at 8am,10am,                12am, 2pm and 4pm.
•   $115 per person 

In warmer waters, diving down with SNUBA enables you to delve deeper and experience a closer look at marine life and underwater landscapes with ease and flexibility 

When the water is colder, (September -October) SNUBA Snorkeling allows you to explore comfortably near the surface without the need of full scuba gear, maintaining warmth while enjoying the underwater scenery.


 The Perfect Family Activity!

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