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Adventure Awaits at our Dive Center

Located on the ground floor of the historic Catalina Casino Building 

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Current Conditions at the Catalina Dive Park

Early morning dive at the Catalina Casino Dive Park

The Casino Point Dive Park is one of

North America's highest rated and most popular

Dive & Snorkel destinations.


Catalina Island is world renowned for its crystal clear waters and inviting Dive Conditions. On a good day, Casino Dive Park visibility can be up to 100 feet; even on a bad day divers enjoy visibility of up to 40 feet. 


When diving at the park, we are asking for advance reservations for Guided Dives, Discover SCUBA, SNUBA and Gear Rentals. Your instructor and equipment will be available for you when you arrive.


If it's your first-time diving at the Dive Park in Avalon, a Guided Dive is a great introduction to the Fascinating Kelp Forest Environment


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The Casino Dive Park on Catalina

Located in the shadow of the iconic Catalina Casino Building, the Casino Point Dive Park, was made famous by Jacques Cousteau and is the first park in the country dedicated to underwater exploration. Featuring a convenient set of stairs dropping straight into the water, the park attracts thousands of divers from all around the world.


With more than two acres of protected underwater habitat, the Avalon Dive Park offers plenty of room to explore and a ever-changing diversity of marine life. Frequently spotted species include Garibaldi, Black Sea Bass, Sea Lions, Moray Eels, Octopus and much much more.  

Catalina Casino Dive Park
Avalon Dive Park

Catalina Dive Park facts:

  • Depth: up to 100 feet

  • Marine Protected Area

  • All marine life is protected

  • Home to several wrecks

  • Park boundaries are marked by buoys and rope

  • Jacques-Yves Cousteau Memorial is located at 40 feet

  • Prevailing current is from the west

History of the Casino Dive Park

The Casino Point Underwater Park was designed in 1962 and formally established in 1965. Carl & Maggie Koehler, the original owners of Catalina Divers Supply, were the original designers. CDS continues to be a steward of the park, a responsibility we take very seriously.


Our Full Service Dive Center is located on the ground floor of the Catalina Casino building. We offer all of PADI's Certifications and Specialty Dive Courses, as well as Guided Dives, Discover SCUBA, Snorkeling, and SNUBA, all of which are experienced in the Casino Dive Park.

Snorkeling at the Catalina Casino Dive Park

Check the current Catalina conditions below

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Wind Conditions

Sea Surface Temperatures

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