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Bob Kennedy

Bob has been enjoying the island since he was born. As a child BK frequently visited the island to enjoy a day of sailing. He started diving in 1971 and became instantly hooked. After marrying his college sweetheart, Tina, he came to the island to make his way. In 1984 he and Tina started the Catalina Diving Resort out of one of the hotels on the island. Since that time the pair ditched the hotel industry and totally submerged themselves in SCUBA. Now Bob is happiest with a rebreather on his back and a camera in his hands.

Robert Park

Robert started diving in 2011 and started teaching in October of 2013, both on Catalina.

His favorite dive site is Blue Caverns. Robert's favorite fish is the Giant Black Sea bass and his favorite sea creature is the Mantis shrimp.

Often known as Bobby Bass, Robert loves loves teaching drift diving and his favorite song is Octopus' Garden by the Beatles.

He has traveled to Florida, North Carolina, Oregon, Massachusetts, Maui and Bali, Indonesia.

Tina Kennedy

Tina Kennedy has been diving since 1987, right after the birth of her second child, brrrr-January.

One of her favorite diving experiences was diving in Kona finally with all four of her daughters and husband.  Her eldest daughter was working in Kona, and led them on the dives.

Although she has been in the divemaster program for 20+ years, and am not a insured professional, she loves giving people confidence that they too can experience all the beauty there is to offer in our waters!

She loves diving in the majestic kelp beds.  A dive is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you will find around the corner!

Jerry Motter

Jerry began diving in 1982 in Kona, HI with a two-tank introductory dive.  Ten years later, he completed introductory dives with each of his three sons at the famous Casino Dive Park (pre-stairs.)  Ten years after those dives, Jerry discovered that his youngest had become certified, inspiring Jerry to get busy.  He obtained his PADI OW certification in April 2011, followed by his AOW in May 2011.  Jerry continued diving Catalina, Anacapa, Santa Cruz Islands, and Wreck Alley out of San Diego, completing the Rescue Diver Course, plus enough dives and PADI specialties to qualify as a PADI Master Scuba Diver.
Jerry and is wife Denise retired to Catalina Island in November 2016 to the home that has been in Denise’s family since her great-grandmother.  When they are not traveling, Jerry greets our guests that come ashore from the cruise ships and directs them to fun-filled days of diving, snorkeling or just out on the Scuba Cat looking for marine life.
He enjoys “tagging along” with our Instructors and Dive Masters and has met many interesting people from all over.  He also enjoys taking photographs and videos during his dives and looks forward to honing his skills even more.

Joel Wilson

Joel started diving in 2012 in Thailand and it was love at first dive. He quickly accumulated dives and experience while backpacking around Southeast Asia and Australia, eventually earning his PADI Dive Master and Instructor certification in the Philippines in 2014.

After a brief teaching stint in Buffalo, Joel returned to the Philippines where he taught PADI courses and guided divers on the Japanese World War II wrecks of Coron for two years before moving to Catalina.

He loves introducing people to the wonders of the underwater world and watching them go from anxious to amazed. 

His favorite thing about diving Catalina Island is the healthy and abundant marine environment steps from the shore and of course our famously friendly giants, the Giant Sea Bass.

Chelsea Karosas

Chelsea started diving in 2012 in the warm waters of south Florida, where she was born and raised. After a stint in the marine biology field she found herself stranded on Catalina Island, the perfect place to progress in the scuba world. A couple of dives later and now she’s a Divemaster, soaking in as much knowledge as she can before she makes her next leap. Chelsea is happiest on a boat or underwater, doing everything from hunting lobster, to exploring the kelp forest, to searching for dolphin. 

Mark Guccione

Mark has been diving for42 years. His favorite dive experience was certifying his two sons.

He loves sharing the underwater world with others and his favorite thing about diving Catalina Island is the diversity of experiences. "You never know what you'll see tomorrow."

Larry Harris

Larry has been diving since 2005. 

As a dive professional, he is re-energized by seeing the excitement of both new and experienced divers. 

For him, the best part of diving around Catalina Island is the diversity of dive sites as well as the different divers that are attracted to the island. 

Larry's favorite dive experience was discovering a field of Gurney sea pens at 130 feet below a huge 60 foot arch. 

Jason Manix

Jason has worked in all positions of the dive industry since 1989: scuba technician, videographer, specialty instructor, technical diving instructor and captain. 

Jason's later expereinces include salvage & rigging, inspections, underwater construction, environmental cleanup, hazmat diving, confined space diving, deep mixed gas, contaminated water diving, boat handling, movie stuntman and underwater model. 

As an original member of the first ScubaLab, with Jon Hardy, Jason was a technical coordinator and tester for 10 years, traveling around the world doing accident investigation, expert witness work, consulting and writing.

Jason has logged more than 15,700 dives with multiple dives below 220 fsw. 

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