Frequently Asked Questions about Catalina scuba diving

Q. What will I see while scuba diving or snorkeling on Catalina Island?

You'll discover a fascinating environment brimming with undersea life, including garibaldi, calico bass, kelp fish, sheepshead, senorita fish and much more. Giant black sea bass are frequently spotted as are moray eels, lobster, octopus and much more. The kelp forest is one of the most beautiful underwater environments on earth. 

Q. What's the visibility?

Visibility on the leeward side of the island averages 40-60 feet. It can be up to 70-80 feet, but on the rare occasions when storm surge churns the water, that can drop to 30 feet or less.

Q. Is all gear included in the online scuba rental package?

Yes. (mask, fins, snorkel, booties, gloves, bcd, regulator, 7mm suit, weight and tank)

Q. How cold is the water?

Average surface temperatures are in the high 50s in the winter months and the high 60s in the summer months. Most divers and snorkelers are more comfortable with a wetsuit. 


Q. Can you rent fish food?

No. But you can buy it. 


Q. What should I bring? 

A bathing suit, towel and a sense of adventure


Q. Are there lockers at the Casino Dive Park for our stuff?

No. Our staff keeps an eye on it, while you are in the water on our tours.


Q. Do you offer nitrox? 

Yes! 32% at our trailer at the Casino Dive Park.  Our in town shop can blend whatever you need, including 100% oxygen.


Q. Is there a photographer or can I take my camera on my discover scuba diving tour on Catalina? 

PADI regulations are strict about no cameras allowed. Members of our team can be hired to document your underwater adventures.


Q. Is swimming required for any of your tours? 

Yes, all of them.


Q. Where are you located?

We have three locations, our original shop, on the green Pleasure Pier, our trailer at the Casino Dive Park and our main shop on Catalina Avenue.