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Join the Evolution 

Catalina Divers Supply is the only Avelo Dive Center in the continental United States. 

The Avelo System is an open circuit diving system where the buoyancy control device is the tank itself.


It consists of two components, the Jetpack and the Hydrotank.

When you add water to the Hydrotank you become heavier and when you purge water you become lighter. 


The Avelo System is nearly half the weight of standard scuba and redefines your diving experience by providing Perfect and Stable Neutral Buoyancy.


Taste of Avelo

RAD certification 

2 dives, gear rental, and online learning included

1 Day - $550  

Avelo Experience

RAD certification 

4 dives, gear rental, and online learning included

2 Day - $800 


Avelo Adventure

RAD certification 

6 dives, gear rental, and online learning included

3 Day - $1,050 

The Avelo Difference Will Transform The Way You Dive

Scuba diving on Catalina with Avelo

Why it works

The Avelo System is a lightweight system that allows you to remove buoyancy from the tank itself. It is positively buoyant on the surface and becomes neutrally buoyant in the water when a diver adds water to the Hydrotank. 

Current gear is heavy and cumbersome. Lightweight tanks alone don’t solve the problem because you’ll just
need to add weight to make the diver neutrally buoyant. Inflatable buoyancy compensators add buoyancy,
requiring even more weight. Weights themselves have some buoyancy. They are heavy outside of the water,
and to get the right amount of gravity force, you need more weight than what’s written on the weight itself.

We carry 70-75 lbs of weight to compensate for all this added buoyancy when using standard scuba systems.

Experience the Freedom!

  • Nearly half the weight of standard scuba

  • Much easier to learn and use

  • Streamlined, so it’s easier to move underwater and focus on the underwater world

  • Significantly improves air consumption which means longer dives

  • Safer than standard scuba

  • Buoyancy does not change with depth

  • The diver is neither pulled down or up by any force and instead swims freely throughout the entire

Avelo scuba diving on Catalina Island
Avelo diving on Catalina
Catalina island Avelo scuba diving
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