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We are the only scuba diving center on Catalina Island that is 100% PADI Aware
PADI scuba Catalina Island

Catalina Divers Supply is honored to support Project Aware, PADI's movement to protect the marine environment. 

Through education, lobbying efforts and direct action, Project Aware drives local action for global ocean conservation, advancing their mission through citizen science, public policy and community grants. 

We're supporting Project Aware as the organization works to: 

  • Rid the oceans of marine debris

  • Multiply Marine Protected Areas

  • Protect endangered and vulnerable marine species

  • Accelerate coral reef recovery and restoration

  • Reduce and offset the dive industry's carbon footprint

What you can do to help protect our ocean world
  • Learn: As a diver, the PADI Aware class will help you reduce your impact on the marine environment. Ask your instructor about this class. 

  • Donate: We invite you to join us in supporting PADI's efforts to protect the marine environment. 

  • Reduce your use of single use plastics.

  • Choose sustainably harvested seafood -- check out this great resource from the Monterey Bay Aquarium.

  • Clean-up: Join PADI's efforts to DIVE AGAINST DEBRIS

PADI Aware Catalina Island
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