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- Adventure Awaits at our Casino Dive Center -

Located on the ground floor of the historic Catalina Casino Building 

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Experience the next evolution of Scuba


Dive Avelo

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Catalina Divers Supply

Dive Catalina Island

Welcome to one of North America's highest rated and most popular Dive & Snorkel destinations

With more than 800 species living in Catalina’s Casino Dive Park, there is a fascinating array of marine life waiting for you to explore. We offer diving and snorkeling experiences for every level.


Catalina Island's underwater world takes a lifetime to explore. 

Let us be your guide as you plunge beneath the surface. Whether you choose to explore the Casino Dive Park or one of Catalina's other fascinating dive sites, we'll be your guide into a world you'll never forget.  


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Scuba Diving 


Boat Dives

Catalina Island scuba classes

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Guided Dives



Guided Snorkeling


Dive Avelo



SNUBA Adventure

Additional adventures

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Gear Rental & Repair

Catalina Island scuba classes

SCUBA Classes

snuba on Catalina Island

Coastal Wildlife

Conveniently located in the Catalina Casino and on the Green Pier.

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