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Snorkeling on Catalina Island

snorkeling on Catalina Island

Snorkeling on Catalina Island is one of the most popular ways to explore the underwater world -- and for good reason. Here's our step-by-step guide to a great Catalina snorkeling experience.

1. Get your gear. Catalina Divers Supply both sells and rents everything you need for a great snorkeling experience. In addition to fins, mask and snorkel, you will probably want a wetsuit to be more comfortable in the water.

2. Decide on your comfort level. While snorkeling in Avalon is certainly something that anyone who can swim can do on their own, you may want to take a guided snorkel. Your guide can show you an array of marine life that you may not see on your own.

3. Decide on where. In Avalon, most snorkelers visit Lovers Cove, just past the Cabrillo Mole boat terminal. Snorkeling is also popular at the Casino Dive Park and at Descanso Beach. If you'd prefer to explore further afield, snorkeling from the Scuba Cat is also available.

4. Take the plunge. Expect to see a wide array of marine life, including kelp bass, garibaldi and opal eye. You may also spot bat rays, moray eels and kelp fish as well as sea lions, giant black seabass and much more.

5. Plan your next trip. One trip is never enough. There's always something new to see on a Catalina snorkeling adventure.

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