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  • Chelsea Karosas

Spiny Lobster Season Opening Sept. 29

Catalina lobsters

Scuba diving on Catalina Island is already a hot commodity due to the bountiful marine life and sensational underwater landscape, but the anticipation for this weekend is large.

Excitement is rising day by day as we hastily approach the beginning of this year's lobster season. California Department of Fish and Wildlife claims that last year Catalina Island was one of the most abundant locations for catching California spiny lobster, so it is with no doubt that at 6 a.m. this Saturday, Sept. 29, when the season first opens, fishermen and fisherwomen alike will be scouring the seas in search of this delicacy considered well worth the effort.

Lobster fishing on Catalina can be an exhilarating sport with high rewards but it is important for fishers to follow regulations governing the taking of the species.

  • All fishers must possess a lobster report card.

  • All fishers 16 years or older that are not hoop-netting from a public pier must also possess a valid sport fishing license and ocean enhancement stamp.

  • All fishers must carry a lobster gauge that has a fixed gap of 3 ¼ inches to ensure that lobsters taken are of legal size.

  • Lobsters must be taken by hand or hoop-nets with no assistance from any other appliances.

  • The daily bag and possession limit is seven lobster per person at any given time.

The opening of lobster season is one of the most awaited days for divers among the year. Good luck to everyone hopping in the water this weekend!

For more information regarding the taking of California spiny lobster, the 2018-2019 Ocean Sport Fishing regulations booklet can be found on the California Department of Fish and Wildlife’s website.

Chelsea is a south Florida local trying her luck on the beautiful island of Catalina. When she’s not working as a ropes course guide or renting out snorkeling equipment, you can find her underwater, frolicking with giant sea bass, or enjoying an order of freshly fried mozzarella sticks while reading a book.

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