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10 Things You Should Know About Diving the Avelo System on Catalina

When you think about it, diving is a lot like exploring space. There is a whole new environment to explore that is quite unlike the world on land. You just need some special equipment to experience the wonders of the underwater world. Sometimes scuba diving gear can be cumbersome. Carrying tanks, regulators, and buoyancy control devices (BCDs) can start to weigh a diver down. Enter: The Avelo system. It has taken years for this amazing invention to become a reality in the diving world. Avelo was created to truly improve your diving experience. Read on to learn 10 things you should know about diving the Avelo System on Catalina.

1.) Avelo is a new and improved way to dive. The Avelo system is a wearable, lightweight Jetpack and a HydroTank for buoyancy control, which also contains the air that you breathe. The main component of the system is the Hydrotank which contains a flexible inner bladder that stores compressed air. Avelo also helps divers with maintaining neutral buoyancy at any depth.

2.) Avelo changes everything about diving. This lightweight system allows divers to have swimmers’ buoyancy on the surface of the water. You don’t carry as much weight, and your Hydrotank creates your weight when needed. At the push of a button, water gets pumped into the Hydrotank. Ascending and descending can be done freely, without the feeling of fighting against natural forces under the water.

Avelo diving on Catalina

3.) Buoyancy is key with Avelo. When divers use the Avelo system, upon entering the water, they float because they have less weight. When divers using Avelo want to descend, they may want to turn on the Avelo pump to add more weight. When the water chamber of Avelo’s Hydrotank fills, divers become less buoyant, reaching stable, neutral buoyancy. Once this happens, divers just swim down.

4.) Diving with Avelo is different than diving with a buoyancy control device (BCD). With a BCD, breathing affects buoyancy. Using the Avelo system puts divers in charge of their buoyancy control. With Avelo, divers can achieve perfect buoyancy and move freely in all directions and depths.

5) Safety is a major focus of the Avelo system. When divers have complete control of their buoyancy, the diving experience is safer and more enjoyable. Stable buoyancy can help divers to have less anxiety and more control over ascent and descent. If a pump or battery does happen to malfunction, an Avelo diver can maintain neutral buoyancy with time to stop, breathe, assess, and react. Avelo’s equipment is routinely tested for safety through regularly scheduled inspections. The Avelo course aims to teach divers to operate the system safely too—including how to manage maintenance and malfunctions.

Diving Avelo in Catalina

6) Achieve perfect weighting for every dive. Weighting needs to be just right for a good diving adventure. Avelo allows divers to strike just the right balance for weight with the Hydrotank—either pumping in or purging water to get to neutral buoyancy.

7) Dive more with Avelo. The Avelo Hydrotank has a gas capacity of 80-106 cubic ft, 3,000 – 4,350 psi this is equivalent to 33% more gas than standard dive tanks. Dives with Avelo can be longer than a typical scuba dive. Avelo helps to optimize diving efficiency.

Avelo diving Catalina Island

8) Learn the system. The Recreational Avelo Diver (RAD) course helps divers to learn all about the Avelo system and relevant safety scenarios. The only way you can earn a RAD certification is through an Avelo experience on a dive trip. Becoming an Avelo instructor requires prerequisites—including 10 Avelo dives and the successful completion of an Avelo Pro class (a 3-day, 6 dive program).

9) Find an Avelo experience. Avelo partners with dive shops, helping divers of all abilities to enjoy a new freedom underwater. Avelo is a Maui-born business, with partners in the Bonaire, Australia, and on Catalina Island in California.

dive avelo

10) Plan your Avelo Adventure. Avelo will absolutely transform the way you dive. Currently, Catalina Divers Supply offers three different diving experiences that use Avelo. There’s the one-day Taste of Avelo, which includes gear rental, 2 dives, RAD certification, and online learning. The Avelo Experience includes RAD certification and online learning, gear rental, and 4 dives over 2 days, and the Avelo Adventure includes RAD certification and online learning, gear rental, and 6 dives over 3 days.

Are you ready for Avelo? Catalina Divers Supply has already had divers experiencing the freedom of diving with Avelo. Reach out to us at 310-510-0330 to book your Avelo adventure today.

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