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9 Great Catalina Adventures For Teenagers

Although Santa Catalina has been nicknamed “the island of romance,” it is also a great destination for families looking for an ideal getaway. Many generations have enjoyed escapes to Catalina for many decades. Whether you’re wanting to have fun on land or at sea, there are plenty of options all over Catalina. Kids of all ages can find plenty to do on the island. Little kids can toddle around the beaches and play in the sand, but there’s also lots to do for teenagers too. Read on to discover 9 great Catalina adventures for teenagers.

1.) Beach days are the best days.

There is nothing like a beach day with a good book, sunshine, and the sound of the lapping ocean nearby. Around Catalina, there a few options when it comes to finding a place to park your beach chair. Three sandy beaches line Avalon Harbor: South Beach, Middle Beach, and Step Beach. These beaches are all conveniently located close to the Green Pleasure Pier. After a day of sunning and swimming, hungry teens can walk to the Pier for fresh fish tacos or lunch. Just past the Casino, beachgoers can find Descanso Beach. Descanso is a private beach club, open to the public. There is a beachside restaurant, a few shops, and even a zip line and ropes course close by. A day of Catalina beach hopping is perfect for teens.

2.) Make waves.

Driving golf carts or cars on the island requires a driver’s license, but there are plenty of ways to get around for teens, whether they have a license to drive or not. From the Green Pier to Descanso beach, all kinds of watercraft are available for teenagers to rent for a few hours or even for the whole day. From pedal boats to kayaks, kayaks to paddle boards, there are lots of ways to get out on the water around Avalon.

3.) Sea lions, dolphins, and whales, oh my!

Explore Catalina’s beautiful waters on board a Coastal Wildlife Cruise. Catalina Divers Supply can take teens and families out on a 2-hour adventure. The goal: to have up-close encounters with wildlife all along the island’s coast. Captain and crew lead passengers on a boat ride along the island’s shore in search of seabirds and sea creatures. Nature-loving teens will enjoy the coastal scenery and the chance to see bald eagles, blue whales, dolphins and other local wildlife.

4.) How sweet it is.

Let’s be honest: teens are still kids at heart. When strolling through a seaside town like Avalon, it is hard for even the biggest of kids to pass up the sweet offerings all over town. From coffee drinks to cookies, ice cream to candy, there are plenty of places to pop in for a treat. The local candy shop makes fresh saltwater taffy and sells all kinds of sweets. There are also a couple of ice cream shops, a donut shop, and even a coffee and cookie café. (Don’t worry—plenty of places offer healthy snacks for teens too)

5.) Under the sea.

Snorkeling is such a great way for teens to see many of the wonders under the water around Catalina. From a snorkel adventure and boat ride to a guided snorkel through Catalina’s Casino Dive Park, there are plenty of ways to sport a mask and explore Catalina Island’s beautiful underwater environment. From kelp forests to garibaldi, bass to bat rays, there are many marine life species to spot while snorkeling. Snorkeling is also a great buddy activity—good for teen friends and siblings.

6.) Fun and games.

Catalina is well known as a place for good, old-fashioned family fun. Armed with some spending money, teens can spend a day playing. Three Palms, Avalon’s local arcade, is truly a fun zone. Kids can compete, win prizes, and even get in a bowling game. Just off the beaten path in Avalon, there’s also a mini golf course, Golf Gardens, which has been the place of putt-putt in Catalina for decades. For some pickup games, teens can head over to Pebbly Beach road to find the local basketball and sand volleyball courts.

7.) Try something new under the water.

Adventurous teens will love taking the plunge and learning scuba. Discover Scuba is the perfect introduction – in just a few hours teens can be experiencing the underwater world with an instructor. Have more time? Getting an open water certification is a perfect island activity.

8.) Take a hike.

Some of the best and most beautiful hiking trails in Southern California are all around Catalina island. The island’s ridgelines, canyons, hills, and views are breathtaking. For teens who are up for a little bit of footwork will enjoy some Catalina hikes. The Botanical Gardens path is more than 3 and a half miles, with the stunning Wrigley Memorial at the top. The Chimes Tower trail is a climb through Avalon streets, steps, and an uphill climb to a charming, chiming local landmark.

9.) Find freedom.

There are very few towns where teenagers can have the freedom to roam and enjoy like they do in Avalon. On Catalina, teens can walk from Lovers Cove to Hamilton Cove and everywhere in between. They can meet to eat, swim, sun, fish, boat, and play all over town. Teens can’t stay out all night however; be sure to have them home by curfew.

Do you need help finding some Catalina Island adventures for your teenagers? Catalina Divers Supply is open daily from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Check out our adventures to set up some adventures for your teens. Catalina is a great place to get away for kids of all ages.

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