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11 Resolutions Catalina Scuba Divers Should Make

Millions of people worldwide count scuba diving as one of their hobbies. California happens to be the state with the most open water certifications—for good reason! There are about 840 miles of coastline in California to explore. Not surprisingly, Catalina consistently ranks as one of the top dive destinations in the country. Catalina scuba divers looking to plan adventures and activities in the new year should consider making some resolutions for 2023. Read on for 11 resolutions Catalina scuba divers should make:

1.) Sharpen your scuba skills on the island. So many scuba courses involve the shallow end of a swimming pool, but diving on Catalina immerses you in real ocean experience right away. All of Catalina Divers Supply dive classes take place in the clear, protected waters of the Island. Take time in 2023 to develop your diving skills to the fullest potential. Instructors are highly qualified, enthusiastic, and dependable. Maybe you’ve dabbled in snorkeling Lover’s Cove or in exploring the Casino Dive Park, but know that more opportunities for open water certification await. Let Catalina Divers Supply help you plan and achieve new diving goals.

2.) Come to the rescue. Catalina Divers Supply offers a PADI Rescue Diver course that is both challenging and rewarding. This class builds upon skills, and it focuses on helping divers to both prevent and manage problems. This 2-day course helps divers to work on skills that include self-rescue, recognizing and managing stress in other divers, rescuing panicked divers, and rescuing unresponsive divers. Preparedness through a course like this gives scuba divers invaluable knowledge and peace of mind.

3.) Sign up to clean up. There is one day each year that scuba diving is allowed in Avalon Harbor, and it’s for a good cause! Throughout the year beach goers might happen to forget sand toys, sandals, and trash that the tide washes into the ocean. Boaters may sometimes have beer bottles, barbecue gear, or other litter tip overboard. The Avalon Harbor Underwater Cleanup often attracts more than 600 volunteer divers who search the waters of Avalon Harbor to help clear out this kind of trash and debris.

4.) Reduce your impact. Scuba diving can be a great learning opportunity for raising awareness about environmental issues and sustainability. When you’re diving, be sure to be considerate of the ocean world that you’re exploring. Don’t disrupt the local ecosystem by taking treasures from the sea. Take photos, and only leave bubbles. Control your buoyancy so that you’re not dragging equipment on sand, rocks, or sea creatures. Also, be sure to use good gear from a great vendor like Catalina Divers Supply.

5.) Discover a species you haven’t seen before. With more than 800 species living just in Catalina’s Casino Dive Park, it’s likely that while diving in Catalina, you’ll see a creature you’ve never encountered before. A fascinating array of marine life awaits. Search rock crevices to catch a glimpse of a wily California two-spot octopus. Seek the oft-camouflaged California scorpionfish in the surf. Find a friendly leopard shark or horn shark. The wildlife around Catalina’s waters allow for a lifetime of new exploration.

6.) Dive at night. If you’ve got an Open Water Certification, complete the coursework and pre-requisites to do a night dive. Nocturnal creatures come out to play at night in Catalina’s kelp forests. A local guide from Catalina Divers Supply can help you to discover the remarkable after-dark, underwater world near Avalon.

7.) Take a boat adventure. Catalina’s crystal-clear waters make for superb diving. Treat yourself to a daytrip aboard the Scuba Cat for a 2-tank boat dive along the island’s gorgeous coastline. Lunch is provided on a Scuba Cat dive tour, and the boat boasts a sun deck, 2 exit ladders, 2 camera tables, rinse tanks, and a restroom.

8.) Dive with a guide: If you are new to the Dive Park, a solo diver, or someone that enjoys learning something new underwater, take a guided dive with Catalina Divers Supply. Guided dives offer seasoned instructors or dive masters that can accompany you as you scuba. Refresher dives are offered for scuba divers who want to get comfortable in the water again.

9.) Capture the art of scuba: Through PADI, the Professional Association of Dive Instructors, Catalina Divers Supply offers a wide range of specialty courses, all designed to expand scuba divers’ skills and increase the overall enjoyment of scuba. One of these courses is for underwater photography, which is a great way to keep and share memories of your dives. Learn tips on how to capture just the right sunlight shining through a kelp forest or the beautiful, electric colors of a juvenile Garibaldi.

10.) Get enriched. One of the most popular specialty scuba classes on Catalina Island is Enriched Air. Also known as Nitrox, enriched air diving lets you maximize the time spent exploring the underwater world. This course helps divers learn to use a dive computer and enriched air for recreational diving. Divers will also learn how to analyze the enriched air blend, determine the maximum depth for the blend and how to monitor no-stop limits.

11.) Dive more. There are no cyclone bombs or polar vortexes on Catalina Island. That means you can get in the water year-round. Wetsuits are a must, of course. All your gear needs can be met at Catalina Divers Supply all year long. Make your own bucket list of sights to see around the island, and dive more this year.

Catalina Divers Supply is the longest-running full-service dive shop on Catalina Island. We work to ensure that Catalina will remain an exceptional place for scuba diving for years to come. Call 310-510-0330 or click to schedule a guided dive, a course, a tour, or gear rental.

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