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  • Sherri Cline

Everything you need to know about Snuba on Catalina Island

Updated: Jun 9, 2021

Catalina offers an array of underwater adventures, allowing visitors to explore the fascinating marine environment located just beneath the surface. Snorkeling and scuba are two of the most popular, but did you know that snuba is the perfect combination of both? Read on for some of the most frequently asked questions about snuba on Catalina Island.

What is it? Just like it sounds, snuba is a combination of snorkeling and scuba. It’s also the ideal transition between the two adventures. If you – or your child – is ready to take the next step after snorkeling but aren’t quite ready to commit to scuba, snuba will be the perfect experience.

What are you doing differently because of COVID? We’re only booking one group at a time, so that you won’t be interacting with anyone not in your group. Our pricing and scheduling up to are designed for each group to have an exclusive experience.

What will we see? Snuba takes place in the Casino Point Dive Park, home to a dramatic kelp forest and a remarkable array of marine creatures, including bright orange garibaldi, massive black seabass (also known as wreckfish), curious calico bass, playful sealions and much, much more. Many of these creatures live their entire lives in the dive park, but some are seasonal or occasional visitors that are not always spotted on every adventure.

Do I need to know how to swim? Yep. Being able to swim is a requirement for both snorkeling and snuba, as well as scuba. While the Casino Point Dive Park is on the sheltered, leeward side of the island, snuba does take place in the open ocean and is not an appropriate activity for anyone who is not comfortable in the water.

When can we do it? Snuba is available every day May through September at 10 a.m., noon and 2 p.m.

How much does it cost? Each snuba time is reserved exclusively for your group and is priced at $356 for up to four people.

How old do I need to be? Snuba is available to those ages six and up. Six- and seven-year-old kids will be able to enjoy the fun at the surface and those eight and older can explore up to 15 feet below the surface.

What do I need to bring? We’ll supply all the equipment. You will just need to bring your swimsuit, beach towel and your sense of adventure.

How long will it take? Your snuba diving adventure will take about ninety minutes, giving you plenty of time to book another adventure on your Catalina vacation or day trip.

What if I’m not quite ready for snuba or I don’t think my child is? We also offer guided snorkeling or you can rent snorkeling gear and explore on your own.

Snuba was great, what’s next? If you are ready to plunge into the world of underwater adventure, we offer an array of scuba diving adventures. If you’re just coming to the island for the day, a Discover Scuba Dive will allow you to explore beneath the surface with the time commitment of getting certified. Once you’re ready for getting certified to scuba dive, you can do that on the island as well.

I’m ready to take the plunge, how do I sign up? You can book your Catalina snuba adventure on our website. Just here and choose your date and time – we’ll do the rest.

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