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9 FAQs About Catalina Boat Dives

From Casino Point to Lover’s Cove, the local waters in Avalon are well known for being great dive spots. The Catalina marine life that lives close to the island includes lush kelp forests, plenty of brightly colored garibaldi, spotted leopard sharks, slithery eels, and graceful rays. However, if you’re willing to venture a little farther from Avalon, taking a boat dive—one with Catalina Divers Supply—can be a fantastic option for an all-day dive adventure around the island. Read on to learn the answers to 9 FAQs about Catalina boat dives.

1.) What kind of boat is used for dive excursions?

Catalina Divers Supply uses the Scuba Cat for dive trips. The Scuba Cat is the only vessel in Avalon that has been custom build for snorkel and dive trips around Catalina Island. This 2000 46-foot Newton fiberglass hull dive boat has two new engines and a full-service crew. The boat boasts a sun deck, 2 easy exit ladders, three hot water shower heads, 2 camera tables, freshwater rinse station for equipment and cameras, and a restroom (a.k.a. a head). The Scuba Cat’s captain, instructors, and dive masters work to make sure that your dive trip is safe, fun, and unforgettable. The Scuba Cat is also available for private or group charters.

Catalina Boat Dives

2.) Can I go on a dive boat, even if I’m not diving?

Sometimes, friends and family may want to join the dive adventure—even if they’re not divers. Ride-along passengers are welcome on Catalina boat dives with Catalina Divers Supply. The cost for a ride-along is $55. If you want to join the dive boat as a snorkeler, the cost is $85; it includes gear. Free divers and spear fishers can also join a dive boat trip for $107.

3.) What equipment do I need for a boat dive?

A dive boat trip with Catalina Divers Supply includes two tanks, weights, and lunch. In addition to that, Catalina Divers Supply offers discounts on gear rentals for divers who have booked a boat trip. Divers are welcome to bring their own gear. If you need equipment, a $55 upgraded gear package includes a mask, snorkel, fins, booties, a wetsuit, BCD, regulator, hood, gloves, and a dive computer.

Catalina Boat Dives

4.) How long is a boat dive excursion?

Dive boat trips with Catalina Divers Supply run daily from 9am to 2pm. The return time for trips can be extended up to an hour. If you’re in need of gear or enriched air, be sure to arrive at Catalina Divers Supply by 8:15am. Boarding for the trip begins at 8:45am.

5.) What can I expect to see on a dive in Catalina?

Visibility is a major factor in what you’re able to see on a dive. On the leeward side of Catalina, the visibility ranges from 40 to 60 feet on average. On a good day, visibility can be up to 80 feet! Take note: On stormy or post-storm days, the surge can churn the ocean waters, dropping the visibility to about 30 feet or even less. Once your dive is underway, you’ll discover an array of amazing sea life. Some Catalina favorites include calico bass, sheepshead, giant black sea bass, lobsters, and octopus.

Catalina Boat Dives

6.) Can kids come along to do a boat dive? Kids are welcome! However, there are certain age limits. The minimum age for divers is 10-years-old, and for snorkelers, the minimum age is 8-years-old. Do you have a kiddo that just wants to come along for the ride? Ride along kids must be 8-years-old.

7.) What is the best time of year to go boat diving in Catalina? During the winter, the average surface temps hang around the high 50s. During the summer, they’re in the high 60s. Year-round, divers and snorkelers around Catalina opt for wetsuits, and year-round, diving can be enjoyed around the island.

8.) Where do Catalina dive boats leave from? Walking down front street in Avalon, you can’t miss the centrally located Green Pleasure Pier. Catalina Divers Supply is right on the pier, and dive boat adventures will leave from there.

9.) Are there dive packages available? Boat dives are a great way to spend the day around Catalina. Catalina Divers Supply has some great packages available. The Day of Diving package includes round-trip ferry transport, full gear rental, unlimited air fills, and transportation to and from Casino Point Dive Park. All that diving can make you hungry; lunch from Avalon’s The Lobster Trap is included in the $220 price. There are also options for a guided snorkel tour or even a custom-designed package that includes hotel, transport, great dive experiences, and additional activities.

Catalina Island’s crystal clear waters are a wonderful place to do your diving. Take a boat dive, or design a perfect diving trip with Catalina Divers Supply. Reach out by phone at 310-510-0330, or learn more by visiting our website.

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